A Hoboken Tale is a holiday musical set in Hoboken that reminds us of the spirit of giving & supporting our community during the holidays, & always.

A magical tale perfect for all ages!


Written by and Composed by Dan McLoughlin

Produced by Annie McLoughlin

Directed by Anne Brummel

Choreography by Joanna Barry

Additional Choreography by Tabatha Arocho


Mister Fabrini: Howard Richman

Fiona: Kaitlyn River and Annalise Dominguez

Mister Krubbs: Tyler Hentz

Doris: Florence Pape and Anna Hentz

George: Finn Douglas

Jack: Jack Casey

Bridget: Joanna Barry

Lily: Sophia Duke and Brianna Dominguez

Stacy: Anna Hentz

Emily: Grace Connoly and Bella Rostan

Anya: Valeria Camino

Sarah: Annie McLoughlin

Queen of the Fairies: Tabatha Arocho

Fairies: Joanna Barry and Annie McLoughlin